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Panama Guaranteed Real Estate Limited Partnership

Guaranteed Annual distributions of 7.5% paid quarterly to LP Unitholders

Guaranteed annual distributions of 7.5% paid quarterly to LP Unitholders

Offering Jurisdiction & Disclaimer

The Confidential Information Offering Memorandum attached on this website is for the distribution (the "Offering") of the Units in Canada to persons resident in Canada. Offerings made to a person resident in jurisdictions other than Canada, including the United States, using these materials will require additional regulatory information, and in such event, offering materials compliant with the requirements for an exempt offering in that jurisdiction will be used for such offering. For residents of the United States, any such offering will usually be made as an investment using a ULC formed in British Columbia, which will invest only in Class A Units or may be made by an investor using their selected corporate Canadian entity. The Partnership intends to create a BC ULC for those non-resident investors who want to invest in a collectively owned ULC; that offering will be made using a CIM Addendum.

Property Asset Strategy

Purchase purpose-built furnished short-term extended stay luxury condominium assets to rent to tourists and business travellers

Distribution Assurance

LP Unitholders assured guaranteed distributions from Pensio are secured by a performance-linked surety issued by an insurer rated A.M Best A (excellent) or better

Exit Strategy

Sell the LP property assets in an anticipated up-market in the 10th year

Access to Capital

LP Unitholders can redeem capital invested into the LP on demand subject to a notice period of 90 days

Stock Market

Unprecedented Reliable Guaranteed Returns

Asset Goal: 399 furnished new and reconditioned condominium resort residences located in Panama

Asset Cost at Goal: USD $255,000,000

Asset Hold Period: 10 years

LP Debt: No debt (until redemptions)

LP Equity: 100%

Asset Appreciation: 50% of the asset gain paid to the LP Unitholders at the end of the 10th year

LP Net Retained Income: 50% of the LP net retained income paid to the LP Unitholders at the end of the 10th year

Guaranteed Distribution: 7.5% per annum

Property Management: Pensio's end-to-end property management with guaranteed income secured by an insured performance-linked surety

Performance-Linked Surety: Performance bond insured and reinsured by reinsurers rated A.M. Best A- (Excellent) or better

Investment Manager: Equity Line Group and Pensio Global

We Take Pride in Our Offering


% Guaranteed Return


Year Exit Strategy


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Property Assets


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Why is a Canadian Limited Partnership investing in Panama? Pensio would like to tell you about our 5-years of investigation, and why we will guarantee distributions to the LP Unitholder